New Decisions from Our Board of Directors on Combined Tickets

Following the meeting of Beşiktaş JK Board of Directors, new decisions were taken regarding the combined tickets.

1- The biggest supporter of our Football A Team, which will take place with the goal of championship in every lane it will compete in the new season, as always, will be our fans. Accordingly, the 2nd Preliminary, 3rd Preliminary and Play-Off matches and group matches that we will play in the UEFA Conference League are included in the combined tickets.

2- Prices have been determined in 3 categories in the East Upper Tribune. According to this; The combined ticket prices of blocks 413 and 418 have been updated as 8 thousand 500 TL, the combined ticket prices of blocks 414 and 417 have been updated as 10 thousand 500 TL, and the combined ticket prices of blocks 415 and 416 have been determined as 12 thousand 500 TL.

3- In the renewal period, our fans, who bought a combination from East Upper Tribune 413 - 414 - 417 - 418 blocks with a fee of 12.500 TL, will be refunded for the excess amounts in order not to suffer after the update. We kindly ask people who make combined payments to contact with their IBAN information for a refund request.

4- The renewal period, which has been extended for the last time for our fans who have not yet renewed despite purchasing a combined ticket in the 2022-23 season, will start on Thursday, July 13 at 10:00 and end on Friday, July 14, at 23:59.

5- Fans who have a combined ticket at Beşiktaş Stadium and are renewing their current venue for the 2023-24 season but wish to change their combined places can apply to the Beşiktaş Stadium Combined Sales Office between 09:00 on Sunday, 16 July, and 20:00 on Monday, 17 July.

Combined ticket replacement can be made free of charge in the same category or as an upper category (with the category price difference). Relocation transactions are carried out only from Beşiktaş Stadium Combined Sales Office.

Our fans, who have a combined ticket at Beşiktaş Stadium and renew their current location for the 2023-24 season, can transfer their seats to anyone they want for the season. Fans who want to exercise their right of transfer should apply to the Beşiktaş Stadium Combined Sales Office between 09:00 on Sunday, July 16 and 20:00 on Monday, July 17.

In cases where the beneficiary is unable to attend for relocation and transfer, any relative of the beneficiary may perform the transaction at the Beşiktaş Stadium Combined Sales Office with a copy of the identity card and a petition explaining the situation.

In case of transferring the tickets, which are renewed using the Parapuan discount, to another person, the fee equal to the discount must be paid in cash.

Our fans, who carry out the relocation or transfer of the combined tickets, can only make transactions on behalf of 2 people together with them.

As of 10:00 on Wednesday, 6 - 19 July, the combinations will be opened to general sale.

Besiktas JK