About Us

It was established in 2001 under the name of BJKSTORE to bring our big Beşiktaş fans together with our licensed products and to add added value to our club. In 2007, with the decision of our Board of Directors, its name was changed to 'KARTAL YUVASI'. After this name change, the Turkish Language Association gave our club a "TDK Honor" award for its support to the Turkish language.

The fact that Beşiktaş supporter is not just a concept pertaining to match days, but an integral part of our lives has always been a guide for us. We bring together this passion we all have together with bold and eye-catching designs, with sports products that can be used easily in daily life. With our Beşiktaş-based stance, we are becoming more and more popular with each passing day, not only in stadiums and sports halls, but also in our streets and daily living spaces. We always reveal our innovative and pioneering style with the special collaborations we realize. We broke new ground with our visionary collaboration with Turkey's leading streetwear brand Les Benjamins in January 2018, bringing the spirit of fans together with street style.

Kartal Yuvası, which continues to grow rapidly, has reached a total of 65 sales points, including 63 physical and 2 online shopping stores, as of 2022. Our club will continue its efforts to increase its sales points in order to meet the expectations and needs of our great Beşiktaş fans quickly and reliably and to provide quality service.